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Why Tarot?

I remember being eleven years old when my older sister brought a tarot deck home. I remember being immediately drawn to them, and though I didn't get to touch them, I knew there was another whole world hidden inside them. It wasn't until years later that I came upon the Tarots' presence again and realized that that hidden world inside of them was me. Its profound psychology resonated within all my being. 


Studying and reading the Tarot became a tool for me to understand my projections and bring them into awareness with compassion. Reading to myself and others up to this day is a test of constant trust.

Tarot as life itself always tells a story, as when one card is placed next to another, the story then inevitably unfolds trying to communicate a truth beyond the human mind's perception. In the Tarot, as with any other story, one must learn to see beyond what the eye meets, as it is always asking to look harder.